Sunday, May 10, 2009

do we get lasting technical education ?

the world of today belongs to people who play a part in bringing a social change..say a change in lifestyle...professionals and specialists play a vital role in this since it deals with designing, creating , producing and the like..

what role does normal engineering colleges play in developing such professionals..

the staff not only needs to understand that the student has got admission in this college because of his/her level of capacity but also that even they as staff could not become lecturers at IIT cause of their capacity it is ridiculous on their part to expect too high from students in a go..if a student is unable to grasp things is fair only if the teacher explains it with full patience..

the curriculum even must be application oriented and not must kindle the young mind to think and not memorise.

i feel technical education provided at the presently overwhelming engineering colleges is hamstrung..lack of understanding of real nature of problems has resulted in a mess..its high time we join hands and do something about n't it?