Sunday, May 10, 2009

do we get lasting technical education ?

the world of today belongs to people who play a part in bringing a social change..say a change in lifestyle...professionals and specialists play a vital role in this since it deals with designing, creating , producing and the like..

what role does normal engineering colleges play in developing such professionals..

the staff not only needs to understand that the student has got admission in this college because of his/her level of capacity but also that even they as staff could not become lecturers at IIT cause of their capacity it is ridiculous on their part to expect too high from students in a go..if a student is unable to grasp things is fair only if the teacher explains it with full patience..

the curriculum even must be application oriented and not must kindle the young mind to think and not memorise.

i feel technical education provided at the presently overwhelming engineering colleges is hamstrung..lack of understanding of real nature of problems has resulted in a mess..its high time we join hands and do something about n't it?


  1. hey one gud article needed for sum staff out thr................All technical engg colleges r more worser than schools these days..can u just digest a proff telling ya to follow 1 particular book n write d same for sem.. only thn marks ll b provided?????its ridiculous thing ever in d world...dunno wr its goona end..i agree with ya n shall also join hands..but how many will??????

  2. you cannot blame the teachers and the syllabus alone my dear!! we are also to be blamed!! and all this starts in school where we learn everything in exam point of view!! and the education ministry official who sets our syllabus does not know a word in what we learn... Indian school students are burdened... they are forced to bite more than they can chew!!

  3. Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam's 2020 Mission is based on Present Youth..But Today's Youth are in the hand of Teachers...i dont thin so these teachers knw the value of youth..
    More over We a need change in Educational system...I dono were we use certain things wic study under our syllabus...
    The Syllabus should be life oriented and it should give tips for the student's future problems..

    But Indian Educational System Sucks...We copy everything frm other country..dono y still we didn't copy the educational system..

  4. dear kums,
    yeah we are also to b blamed bcoz we youth r not uniting and puting forward our views d way we could...directly to the government as a petition(say every engineering coll stud signs it-ofcoz twud come into notice)...apart from just blogging...all of us just tell nice to talk..who would do...we must do somethin dat way i feel...that too youth population is more here...we are living in a democratic india...if we r nt goin to put forth we cant xpect d educational ministry to n't it?

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  6. i want some prof to read it yaar. at least let the next generation escape this n njoy learning as a process of learning and not jus memorizing. this one ll attract all last benches (me).education board please take a look at it and give a big thinking about it

  7. tats a nice one buddy..... i dont knw when this system is going to change...perhaps its time for us to do sth